A Quickstart Guide to D Emptyspace

How great would it be to own an art gallery where you can showcase your work on your own terms, anytime you want? It may sound like a dream, but with D Emptyspace, it can be your reality.

The D Emptyspace app replicates the feeling of browsing a real gallery. You can Sequence your art and display it alongside a narrative that explains your inspiration and intention.

It all starts with a few taps. Here’s how to get started.

1. Download our app

OK, maybe this one goes without saying, but here’s the download link so you’ve got it handy.

Right now the app is available for iPhone, but soon we’ll release versions for iPad, Android and the web.

2. Begin the experience

Open the app and flip your device sideways to start a truly unique exhibition experience. D Emptyspace is optimized to load instantly so you can become fully immersed.

3. Showcase your work

D Emptyspace Gallery Panoramic Views by Kurt Caddy (Click to visit this gallery directly.)

Your account gives you access to three galleries. Simply choose a template, click on an empty wall, and start uploading! You can arrange and juxtapose your photos in a variety of ways depending on the narrative you want to convey. Curate your gallery to your liking by choosing your best artwork, just like you would a portfolio. Be creative and have fun with it. The opportunities are endless!

4. Be descriptive

HAHAHA by Cande Aguilar on D Emptyspace. (Click to visit the gallery directly.)

Help people understand the story behind your work by adding a title and description for each of your galleries and pictures. Detail your artwork, where the picture was taken, what medium you worked with, or even which camera you used, just like you would in an actual gallery description.

5. Create a compelling profile

Start by creating your artist profile with a bio and photo. Introduce yourself and your work. Let us know what you love, which mediums you prefer to work with, or what inspires you to create.

6. Connect with other artists

Once your galleries are up and running, journey through the art space to meet like-minded artists!

Tap the Shuffle button to instantly visit a random artist’s page.

Tap the Search button to see featured galleries that we have curated to help you discover inspiring new works.

Pro Tip: Tap on an artist’s profile to see who they follow and who follows them. This is a quick way to expand your network of fellow artists!

7. Get inspired

Navigate artists’ galleries by sliding your finger across the screen. You can tap a wall and individual photos to zoom in and read descriptions. Get inspiration from the outstanding work they’ve produced. It’s just like browsing a real gallery.

8. Spread the love

D Emptyspace Gallery Panoramic Views by Kurt Caddy (Click to visit this gallery directly.)

If you like what you see, give it a like or write a comment. As you know, feedback is most certainly appreciated in the art community!

Now that you know the basics, start unleashing your creativity!

We encourage artists of all walks of life to display their work, so they too, have the opportunity to be visible in a space that is far too often reliant on power and connections. At the same time, this means you’ll meet a network of creatives who, just like you, share a passion for the arts.

Download D Emptyspace for iOS: https://apple.co/2MhsxCs

Android version coming soon!

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How to Get Featured on D Emptyspace This Inktober

How to Get Featured on D Emptyspace This Inktober

It’s D Emptyspace’s very first Inktober and we’re dedicating it to the reason why our platform exists — artists! We’ll be sharing submissions on our social media, so if you want to get your art in front of our followers, get inking!

Hold up, what’s Inktober again?

It’s only the biggest online art event EVER! Each year in October, artists around the globe band together for the tough challenge of Inktober. How do you complete the challenge? Create 31 drawings in 31 days (one drawing a day) and share it on social media with the hashtags #inktober and #inktober2019.

The Inktober website releases a prompt list for daily inspiration each year as well as official rules.

Okay, so how do I get my Inktober drawing featured by D Emptyspace?

The obvious first step, is to download and install the D Emptyspace app on your iPhone*


*if you do not have an iPhone, you are not necessarily excluded from participating! Send us a message on Facebook to ask for more details.

2 ways to tag your work with #inktober or #inktober2019.

1. Tag specific artwork within the app

After uploading your artwork to a gallery wall, tap it to go into the detailed view. Then tap the three dots in the top right-hand corner to edit the description (pictured above). Type a quick description of the work and remember to add #inktober and/or #inktober2019.

2. Tag your gallery description

You can tag your entire gallery of work. Tap the gallery statement icon (pictured above) to go to your gallery description. Then add a brief intro plus the tags #inktober and/or #inktober2019.

We’ll select our favorite submissions every day and share them on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

How can I explore Inktober artwork on D Emptyspace?

It’s pretty easy. Do a search on the app using the tag “inktober”. Just make sure you switch over your view from “accounts” to “tags”.

This is nice and all, but I want MORE.

This is our very first Inktober… ever. We’re a small team dedicated to promoting art and making creative stuff more fun. If you think we can improve what we’re doing, let us know! Just send us a message on our Facebook page or leave a comment here.

Download D Emptyspace for iOS: https://apple.co/2MhsxCs

Android version coming soon!

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6 Amazing New Artists to Follow in January

6 Amazing New Artists to Follow in January

Artists all over the world have been hard at work, filling their galleries with incredible works of art. We love to spotlight talent, so we rounded up this month’s top-viewed galleries to give you a boost of artistic inspiration!

From screen printers, to photographers, to fine art painters, to digital artists — artists across all mediums and techniques have raised their profiles and grown their followers on D Emptyspace. The variety is truly astounding.

@Sadulsky_art — Shannon Sadulsky

House of Card Series by Shannon Sadulsky in D Emptyspace

Shannon Sadulsky is a fine art photographer in New England, USA. She’s been obsessed with art since the age of 16 and has cultivated a “lifelong interest in photography as fine art”. Her surreal photographs never fail to evoke a sense of curiosity, wonderment and reflection. By combining dramatic lighting scenarios with digital manipulation, each artwork leaves you wondering what was real, and what was an illusion.

Click to View Gallery

“I’ve always been intrigued by art that is really an illusion. Creating mountains out of paper. Water out of plastic. Mirroring or blending of images to create entirely new subject matter. The surprise of, and interest in, how an image was created is the most satisfying part of being an artist.” — Shannon Sadulsky


Desolation in a Box by Khaotic.ish in D Emptyspace

Khaotic.ish is a photographer who’s creating and sharing some incredible statement pieces. In this gallery, “Desolation of a Box”, an ominous and mysterious ‘X’ makes an appearance on every frame…Khaotic.ish is one to watch for social commentary that doesn’t get lost in pretentiousness.

Click to View Gallery

“My art can be described as controlled kaos or completely pretentious, it depends I guess.” — Khaotic.ish

@fiddler — Lillie Morris

Water Works by Lillie Morris in D Emptyspace

Lillie Morris is a US-based fine artist who uses acrylic, collage and mixed media to create textured abstract paintings. She is “inspired by the landscape, waterways and rich history of the Piedmont region of Georgia,” and has participated in multiple residencies in Ireland. In this gallery, “Waterworks,” Morris has created a series of colorful explosions. By layering unique marks on the canvas, she creates a striking combination of textures and colors.

Click to View Gallery

@johndolecheck — John Dolecheck

Paintings of Sports Legends by John Dolecheck in D Emptyspace

In this gallery, John Dolcheck uses monochromatic paint to recreate legendary snapshots of sporting events throughout history. His painting style blends digital image processing with traditional painting methods to make each work a statement piece.

Click to View Gallery

@jonnieturpie — Jonnie Turpie

Powder Drop by Jonnie Turpie in D Emptyspace

We always encourage artists to treat their gallery space like another blank canvas and truly make it their own. In this gallery named “Powder Drop,” Jonnie Turpie covers each wall edge to edge with abstract splatters of black fine powder gently pressed onto A4 paper. With a Rorschach-esque effect, the viewer is left to interpret each work, and indeed each wall, within their own imagination.

Turpie mentioned that he was astounded by the virtual scaling effect possible in D Emptyspace and is considering creating more artwork at a much greater scale.

Click to View Gallery

@d.lee.t — Darren Lee Thomas

Untitled by Darren Lee Thomas

Darren Lee Thomas is a UK-based painter, printmaker, and art education teacher. In these screenprints, Thomas has combined vibrant dots of color to form abstract shapes that hint at a deeper subject matter.

Click to View Gallery

We look forward to seeing what you create next month with a whole four extra gallery designs to choose from!

Click here for more details!

Download the app on iOS: https://apple.co/2MhsxCs

Android version coming soon!

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