I Bet MoMA Wishes They Had This Gallery Space

New York’s MoMA, or Museum of Modern Art, recently reopened after a $450 million renovation. Since then, art writers and critics have used at least $4.5 million worth of ink to share their thoughts. In essence, there are two schools of thought — those who thought the smaller, more intimate MoMA was better, and those who celebrate the added room to display the museum’s impressive (and growing) permanent collection.

At D Emptyspace, we’re not taking sides because we have no problem housing our expanding collection of artwork (being a virtual gallery app and all). If you’re unfamiliar with us, the D Emptyspace app*, you can use it to quickly create virtual galleries using your artwork without the limits of physical space.

So, in celebration of modern art and being free from physical bounds, here are some of the most striking art galleries that artists have curated on D Emptyspace so far.

*on iPhone only, Android on the way!

@fifteensixteen: Acrylic Pour/Resin Finish

“The first 4 are acrylic pours with a resin finish. The last is alcohol ink on Yupo paper I’m just getting into……more to come.”

See Acrylic Pour/Resin Finish on D Emptyspace

@ sheneeses_pieces: Sheneese’s Pieces

“My work explores the relationship between both order and chaos, both fiction and nonfiction all while holding to a sense of pure freedom of expression. Exploring many different and unlimited possibilities of creating art without the rules of boundaries other than the physical boundaries of the canvas.”

See Sheneese’s Pieces on D Emptyspace

@tommyanthonyknudson: UNTITLED

“I have different forms that I pursue when I start to create. Thinking out the box is a simple way to put it.”

See UNTITLED on D Emptyspace

@rachida_art: Mash Up 2

A unique mash up of digital, acrylic and oil paintings

See Mash Up 2 Gallery on D Emptyspace

@varoujanart: Observations

A new series of encaustic paintings completed between January and August of 2019. Varouján Hovakimyan is a visual artist living and creating in Los Angeles, California, USA.

See Observations on D Emptyspace

@riccioart: UNTITLED

“The acrylic added by a resin finish gives his work a stunning visual effect. A deep essence and a hypnotic effect that awaken the mystery emanates from his paintings. Riccio allows you to enter the fantastic world of contemporary, futuristic, impressionist and figurative art.” — Source

See UNTITLED on D Emptyspace
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App Talk: How to get more followers on D Emptyspace

App Talk: How to get more followers on D Emptyspace

D Emptyspace Gallery by Veronica Wong

We’re always introducing new features to D Emptyspace to help you grow your following and discover more amazing artists. Along with the most recent update which included 4 new gallery designs and D Space, we’ve added a few extras.

Now you can share your galleries beyond the app with better sharing and screenshots. Plus make your artwork more discoverable by tagging your artist description, gallery description, and individual artwork description.

Share your galleries with anyone and everyone

Share your galleries with anyone on any device even if they don’t have the app installed yet.

Now it’s easier to share your D Emptyspace galleries with friends who don’t have iPhones or haven’t downloaded the app yet. The new sharing page lets people virtually tour your entire gallery — not just a still image — on their internet browser.

The sharing feature works for iPhone, Android, and desktop on all popular internet browsers.

The sharing process is the same as before. You can share via the gallery statement page or via screenshot.

Option 1: Share from the gallery statement page

From inside any gallery, just tap the statement button to enter the gallery statement page.

You’ll find the share icon right next to the comments icon. Tap it to generate a web link that you can share via social media, text, email, airdrop, or any other popular method.

Option 2: Share via screenshot

Click the instagram story below to see how to share via screenshot.


Option 3: Share on Instagram via Swipeable

If you’d like to share with your followers on Instagram while keeping the interactive gallery feel — you can!

After exporting your gallery screenshot, use an app like Swipeable to create an interactive Intagram post. Below are two examples.

Bonus: Your gallery is no longer limited to your small iPhone screen. Now you can view your art in crystal clear quality (thanks to our smart rendering algorithm) on a large screen of any size.

But remember, you still need an iPhone with the app installed to create galleries, comment on art, follow artists, and more.

Android users — we hear you! Hold tight and stay tuned, a full Android and web app (accessible via any desktop browser) are in development and coming in the next few months!


We’ve added hashtag support to D Emptyspace! Now you can add and search tags on artwork descriptions, gallery summaries, and your profile.

To add a tag to your description, just type the “#” symbol before a word. If you include a space it will be considered as two separate hashtags.

How to search using hashtags

To search using hashtags (also known as ‘tags’), follow these steps:

  1. Bring up the search bar
  2. Type the keyword you want to search (eg. “paint”)
  3. Tap “tags” to switch from searching for “Accounts”
  4. Tap “search” as usual

We hope you enjoy the added functions! Let us know if you have any requests for future updates.

Download the app on iOS: https://apple.co/2MhsxCs

Android version coming soon!

Follow D Emptyspace for more company updates and art-curated content!

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New Features: Add and Customize Galleries, Improved Sharing, Featured Galleries

New Features: Add and Customize Galleries, Improved Sharing, Featured Galleries

Photo by You X Ventures on Unsplash

You asked and we listened! Since we launched D Emptyspace about three weeks ago, artists, photographers, and art lovers have sent us dozens of messages.

Two things are clear: You’re excited about D Emptyspace and you want it to be even better.

So this week we’ve rolled out several new updates to the app that address the top three things you asked for: The ability to customize your galleries, improvements to sharing galleries and featured galleries to help you discover new artists.

Add, Delete, and Customize Your Galleries

When D Emptyspace launched, everyone got three galleries with three walls. We got so many emails from people asking for more galleries or different configurations that we knew we had to move this to the top of our to-do list.

Here’s what we’ve changed. New members will get one default gallery (white with 3 walls). You can add two more galleries, for a total of three. You can select the number of walls in your new galleries (3, 5, or 8), along with the color of the space (minimalist white, neutral beige or dramatic dark).

Select the number of walls in your new gallery.
Set the color theme for your new gallery.

Want to delete one of your old galleries and make a new one with a different number of walls or a different color? For now, you’ll find delete button on the gallery statement page. We’ll find a more convenient spot for it soon.

We know that some of you want more than three galleries. Hold tight! We’ll have something for you soon.

Improved Sharing

We thought we had the perfect solution for sharing. Let people take a screenshot of a gallery, automatically generate an invitation link, and let people share it using the phone’s own sharing menu. As it turns out, we created a totally hidden feature that only about 10% of our members found on their own!

With our latest update, we’ve done something radical and added an actual share button!

From any gallery, just tap the statement button to enter the gallery statement page.

You’ll find the share button conveniently located right there!

For fans of the screenshot method of sharing, don’t despair. That one still works too!

Featured Galleries

Randomly finding new artists with the shuffle button or searching for specific usernames are good ways to find new people on D Emptyspace, but what about the artwork that really stands out?

Now, when you tap the search button (magnifying glass) in the tap bar at the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a series of featured galleries curated by our team.

Tap any of them to be amazed. (If you want to see more from the same artist, tap their handle at the top of the screen to visit their profile.)

Download D Emptyspace for iOS: https://apple.co/2MhsxCs

Android version coming soon!

Follow D Emptyspace for more company updates and art-curated content!

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