What the Ratio 1:1.61 Has to Do With Hanging an Incredible Exhibition

“Here’s where you’ll curate your art for the exhibition.”

You’ve been so focused on creating art, you probably haven’t thought about how you’ll show it.

Staring up at that blank slate, wondering what to put where can be paralyzing. Especially if your work is different in size and style.

Do you feel confused about hanging an exhibition? Here’s a quick guide to beating the fear and laying out your first exhibition.

Using Grid-based Layouts

Grid-based layouts are easy to implement and plan out. The key is to leave equal spaces between artworks and keep things looking uniform.

The golden ratio helps you plan compositions that are pleasing to the eye.

The golden ratio is the mathematical ratio of 1:1.61. It’s been used by great artists, architects, and more for over 4000 years. Some people even argue that it was used in the construction of the pyramids! Here’s what the golden ratio looks like:

In practice, you can use it to create a gallery layout that looks something like this:

The golden ratio is an exceptionally powerful system to use if you’re struggling to get things to just ‘look right’. Follow the flow of the spiral and compose your work as one cohesive whole rather than individual pieces. This works best for series and multi-paneled works.

The perfect viewing height

Here’s where things get really interesting.

When people first put their artwork on D Emptyspace, they get pretty excited about increasing the scale of their work. We’ve seen artworks take over full walls — and we love it!

However, these big works might look great on the app, but blowing your work up too big in real life has some significant downsides. Before you decide to go 8 foot high with your prints, think about how far away from your viewer will be from your work.

Will they be able to appreciate your art in its entirety? Or will they have to put their neck out trying to see what’s happening near the ceiling?

Conventional wisdom tells us that the perfect viewing and hanging height for artwork is eye level. (If you want to get really specific, 58-inches from the floor to your painting’s centerline is the exact height you should aim for.)

If you’re attaching the artwork to the wall (not hanging it from wires), remember to add ½ the height of your painting to the recommended 58 inches to figure out the position to hang from.

The viewing height rule doesn’t apply to digital spaces, so have some fun!

When you’re curating a digital art gallery, you can cover as much or as little of the gallery wall as you like. Because your viewer will be looking at your gallery from their device, they’ll be able to view the full range of your work no matter how much space on the screen it takes up. When in doubt, just try filling the entire wall.

This is where you can really start to play with scale. In a digital space, a wall transforms into a canvas for you to ‘paint’ with your art.

A final note on breathing room

Just like you create drama in your art pieces with silhouettes and shapes, don’t forget to do the same thing when curating your gallery wall.

Juxtapose complex works by giving them plenty of breathing room and neutral space. This simple trick will take your exhibit from cluttered and amateur to sleek and professional.

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How to Create a Gorgeous Virtual Gallery on your iPhone

A Quickstart Guide to D Emptyspace

How great would it be to own an art gallery where you can showcase your work on your own terms, anytime you want? It may sound like a dream, but with D Emptyspace, it can be your reality.

The D Emptyspace app replicates the feeling of browsing a real gallery. You can Sequence your art and display it alongside a narrative that explains your inspiration and intention.

It all starts with a few taps. Here’s how to get started.

1. Download our app

OK, maybe this one goes without saying, but here’s the download link so you’ve got it handy.

Right now the app is available for iPhone, but soon we’ll release versions for iPad, Android and the web.

2. Begin the experience

Open the app and flip your device sideways to start a truly unique exhibition experience. D Emptyspace is optimized to load instantly so you can become fully immersed.

3. Showcase your work

D Emptyspace Gallery Panoramic Views by Kurt Caddy (Click to visit this gallery directly.)

Your account gives you access to three galleries. Simply choose a template, click on an empty wall, and start uploading! You can arrange and juxtapose your photos in a variety of ways depending on the narrative you want to convey. Curate your gallery to your liking by choosing your best artwork, just like you would a portfolio. Be creative and have fun with it. The opportunities are endless!

4. Be descriptive

HAHAHA by Cande Aguilar on D Emptyspace. (Click to visit the gallery directly.)

Help people understand the story behind your work by adding a title and description for each of your galleries and pictures. Detail your artwork, where the picture was taken, what medium you worked with, or even which camera you used, just like you would in an actual gallery description.

5. Create a compelling profile

Start by creating your artist profile with a bio and photo. Introduce yourself and your work. Let us know what you love, which mediums you prefer to work with, or what inspires you to create.

6. Connect with other artists

Once your galleries are up and running, journey through the art space to meet like-minded artists!

Tap the Shuffle button to instantly visit a random artist’s page.

Tap the Search button to see featured galleries that we have curated to help you discover inspiring new works.

Pro Tip: Tap on an artist’s profile to see who they follow and who follows them. This is a quick way to expand your network of fellow artists!

7. Get inspired

Navigate artists’ galleries by sliding your finger across the screen. You can tap a wall and individual photos to zoom in and read descriptions. Get inspiration from the outstanding work they’ve produced. It’s just like browsing a real gallery.

8. Spread the love

D Emptyspace Gallery Panoramic Views by Kurt Caddy (Click to visit this gallery directly.)

If you like what you see, give it a like or write a comment. As you know, feedback is most certainly appreciated in the art community!

Now that you know the basics, start unleashing your creativity!

We encourage artists of all walks of life to display their work, so they too, have the opportunity to be visible in a space that is far too often reliant on power and connections. At the same time, this means you’ll meet a network of creatives who, just like you, share a passion for the arts.

Download D Emptyspace for iOS: https://apple.co/2MhsxCs

Android version coming soon!

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Where we make D Emptyspace

As you might guess, as a company that’s creating a virtual gallery app, we pay very careful attention to spaces.

In our app, D Emptyspace, you don’t just upload photos into an album to share. The app encourages you to take time to arrange the photos, to tell a story, and to set the context so that fans and potential patrons can become a part of that story.

When we went in search of an office, we knew it had to be inspiring, to fit our aesthetic and, of course, help us tell a story. Here is a quick peek inside of our office. What story do you think it tells?

Our office is part of a space in Seoul called Hyundai Card Studio Black, which caters primarily to startups like us.

We have a tradition that when someone visits our office for the first time, they leave us a note wishing us good luck. This one, written in Korean, reads, next time I visit, I’ll come with my hands full, implying that we can expect some office warming gifts!

Here are a few pictures of us getting down to work, attempting to make D Emptyspace great.

We couldn’t possibly design an app for artists without some actual “art” in our office. You’re welcome to suggest some names for the pieces below.

Stick with us. We’re more than just a pretty office. The D Emptyspace app will let you create immersive virtual art galleries on your phone and unleash your creativity!

Download the app on iOS: https://apple.co/2MhsxCs

Android version coming soon!

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